Bass player and singer needed for Black Metal/D-beat band (Buffalo)

424 Dearborn Street
Around 2003 there were 3 friends/local musicians that joked about putting together a band. We were listening to a lot of Turbonegro and came up with the idea of "What if there was a homoerotic black metal band? What if we combined the 2 things that Christians are most afraid of... the Gays and Satan?" Unfortunately around that time the 3 left Buffalo and moved to separate coasts. Over the last few years, all 3 ended up coming back to Buffalo (doesn't everyone... eventually?) and for the last year or so been getting together and writing music. We have about 6 songs written and a few more started. Currently the line up is 2 guitar players and a drummer. We've all played in local bands and bands on either coast since the 90s. The music is kind of a mix of black metal, d-beat hardcore, death metal and a bit of thrash. A list of influential bands would be Totalitär, Satyricon, Ulver, Xasthur, Gorgoroth, Anti-Cimex, Disfear and Carcass. We'd prefer to find a bass player and singer in our age range and experience level, but someone younger and enthusiastic would also be considered. We're not looking to do this on a super full time level, we usually rehearse once a week, but sometimes life gets in the way. We'd like to play our first show in a few months and take it from there. Not looking to do anything goofy or silly in the lyrical department. And lastly, all 3 of us are extremely left wing, anti-racist, queer and/or LGBTQ allies, etc., so please be on the same page. We have a few demo recordings of these songs, so if you're interested drop a message and I'll send them over.

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