Diverway seal / concrete blacktop (Clarence, Amherst, Williamsville, Tonawanda, Buffalo, Lockpo)

Diverway seal / concrete blacktop (Clarence, Amherst, Williamsville, Tonawanda, Buffalo, Lockport & outlying areas within tolerance limits)

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Driveway Blacktop sealer or patio sealing with top quality oil based sealer. Blacktop sealer is commercial strength 80% not watered down(50%) with added surfactants (Pave gel or Top tuff) unlike the big sealer companies that seal for a bargain. The additional ingredients are for making the surface adhere the sealer. I take the time to explain my process because the more my customer understands what I do the better the reason you will want me to seal your driveway, expected to last 2-3 years, available to North Buffalo, Lockport, Clarence, Akron, Williamsville, Amherst, Cheektowaga near by areas or call to check on area.
Remember if you’re being told you need to seal every year call me because yearly sealing will degrade the asphalt unless you have specific heavy use year round.

I now have capacity for small areas up to 10,000+ square feet

I perform cement sealing. I interact with you for personalized service.
All sealing is commercial thickness, no dilution of product to recommended mixture of 80%. The sealer is the top rated and cures about 1 day depending on weather, humidity, temperature and referrals welcome.

Blacktop sealer I add the polymers, dry sand and drying agents(if needed) in a 325 gallon tank solution to your precious driveway when you order my service. I will educate you on products added to the sealer I apply and explain to you the difference between my service and the others that apply liquid diluted sealer. When I come to seal for you it's the recommended formula to last 2-3 years and is expected to look great.
Remember sealer is meant for preserving your asphalt mainly.

Concrete sealer is an oil based product.
I’m able to slow down crumbling of the existing concrete with penetrating sealer used by DOT or with topical sealer and apply sealer with micro fine sand for slip resistance.

Extra repair on surfaces
Added service crack repair sealing cracks with rubber melted. Rubber sticks which get melted into cracks. I have black for blacktop and grey for concrete if preferred. Additionally I have rubber tape 2 inch for severely cracked places which can work and this process can be done any time above freezing temperatures. I also have patch for holes over 1 inches deep, hardens unlike cold patch that softens up in warm weather.

All areas Clarence, Amherst, Williamsville, Tonawanda, Buffalo, Lockport, Akron, Pendelton, wny

I will be stopping sealing end of September due to temperatures and weather conditions along with shorter days where the sealer needs to dry out.
Starting sealing season when night temperatures remain above 50 degrees around early May. My machine is working and ready for sealing at this time but need to wait until good weather comes.

reasonable rates
Serious inquiries only.
preferred method Phone/text: 716.523.8301

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