merk ilmoit suosikiks ►FREE BIBLE+CROSS+HOLYWATER- Get Free Blessings from Jesus Christ. piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin

Free Prayer - Google: "Prayer Request" "(Enter City or State here)". Get Free hands together to pray for whatever you need. Finances, Health, Etc.

Free (19) VISION Vocation Magazines - . Pass these out in Churches, Cafes, Supermarkets, Etc. You get a box of em. Free.
Shipped Via Fed-Ex.

Free Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water - . Use the water and follow the Prophet-God-Given Instructions. He sends a lot of
Holy goodies, and sometimes free money so write back to him.

Free Miraculous Medals - . Keep on you for Miracles.


Free Red Prayer Cloth - . Keep on you for a Touch from God.

Free "TRY GOD 101.7 FM" Bumper Stickers/Magnets -

Free Rosary/Brown Scapular/HolyWater Package- . Free Package filled with goodies.

Free Bible -
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